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About Flirt Greeting Cards, LLC.
Flirt Greeting Cards, LLC is a privately held greeting card publishing company located in Tucker, GA, a suburb of Atlanta. The company founder is Vickie Hopkins. an entrepreneur who grew up in Amherst, NY (just outside of Buffalo). Her professional career includes graphic design consultation and management, holding the position for 15 years as Creative Director for one of the largest Caribbean & Mexico tour operators in the southeast, as well as hotel management and operations, having held several front office management positions.

Vickie went to the drawing board and designed Flirt Greeting Cards™ for men and women after thinking back to the many people she has met over the years, and all of the interesting conversations that have been shared about relationships. Two things have always remained the same: 1.) There is a common thrill that comes with meeting new people, and 2.) There is a certain level of excitement just thinking about what could possibly come "next". Many opportunities get passed by because a person is shy, or can't think of the right words to approach someone with on a spur-of-the moment encounter. Think about how many times you have said, "I saw someone today that I wanted to meet, but I didn't say anything. Man! I should have said something."

Vickie thought, "Wouldn't it be fun to have cool, note-sized greeting cards with flirtatious messages imprinted in each one, and a classic design that would appeal to both men and women? It would have to be a small card that you could easily slip to someone, no matter where you are, and keep walking if you choose to do so. That's it! You've said what you wanted to say without an awkward approach or stumbling over words hoping that the right thing comes out. What about those who are already in a relationship? At some point they have flirted with each other [if not, it's never too late to start]. There has to be a nice way to keep that going throughout the relationship. Flirt Greeting Cards™ could be the key to open the doors to new friendships, revitalize an old friendship, or rekindle the romance in a current relationship."

Then she thought back even further...

"Remember the little Valentine's Day cards you received as a kid? They were fun, friendly and playful. Some were signed, some weren’t. Some kids knew you, some didn’t. Flirt Cards are the grown-up version. Exchanging Flirt Cards creates an atmosphere comparable to Valentine’s Day, like back in the day, every day." Vickie says.

So we gathered up the "Flirt Game", and put it all in a neat little "package" just for you. We've covered everything from A-Z, with flirtatious messages perfect for all stages of a relationship, from the initial meeting to lifelong companionships. We've learned that sometimes the little things make the biggest differences.

Go ahead, make someone's day.
It's fun - it's easy - and it's a great way to meet people who interest you.

Thanks for letting us share our story with you, and we hope to see you again soon. Drop us a line and let us know how you've used your
Flirt Greeting Cards™. We'd love to hear about it. Happy Flirting!

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