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FINALLY. A fresh, stylish approach.
Flirt Greeting Cards™ have arrived with a variety of fun, Flirt Cards for you. Flirt Cards are 3-inch x 3-inch note-sized greeting cards with flirtatious messages in each. If you’ve ever had difficulty letting someone know that you’d like to meet them, or you want someone to know that you're thinking about them, let Flirt Greeting Cards™ help you count the ways. Each message has its own distinct number, offering a unique flirt-by-number system. All cards have one of four greetings on the front cover: “I just had to say this”, “I have to ask you”, “For your eyes only” or “Just for you”. Cards come with matching white mini-envelopes. [Please note: Mini-envelopes are not designed for mailing.]

Break the ice without saying a word.

Keep plenty of Flirt Cards on hand. You never know where you’ll be when
you see someone who catches your eye. The all-too-familiar scenario: You want to say something, even an admiring comment, but you can’t build up the nerve to do it. If you don't, you regret it for the rest of the day. “I should have said something.” Now you don’t have to say a word. Just give them a cool little Flirt Card. The days of the awkward, uncomfortable, search for words to approach someone with are over. Let your Flirt Card do the initial talking.

Not just for singles.
Flirt with someone you want to know. Flirt with someone you already know. Or simply give someone a compliment. Your Flirt Cards could possibly open the doors to new friendships, revitalize an old friendship, or rekindle the romance in your current relationship.

It doesn't get any easier than this.
Be creative. You might put a Flirt Card in your friend's briefcase, in their lunch bag, in a book that they are reading, in their car, send one by the waiter... get it?

For the person who catches your eye when you least expect it, give them a smile and a Flirt Card, and simply walk away. Or stick around for a reaction...the choice is yours.
And if you ever receive a Flirt Card, know that it is a compliment!

Go ahead, make someone’s day. Don't let another opportunity pass you by. It's easy - it's fun - and it's a great way to meet people who interest you. Shop here to purchase your Flirt Cards today. Happy flirting & good luck!
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